NEW - Our Classes 2017/2018

All our language classes are held Saturdays, except the conversation course.Individual lessons can be provided on request. We meet for approximately 30 Saturdays from September to June. Our calendar follows the holidays and school breaks of the Rochester City School District.

Marienkäfer (Pre-K, with caregiver, all language abilities): See schedule under 'Registration'

This 45 minute immersion class is a playful and fun introduction to the German language for children 4 years and under. Our topics (family, clothing, farm animals etc.) change weekly or every two weeks. New words are reinforced in a multisensory way by songs, finger plays, crafts, games and station activities. Caregivers are given a bilingual handout of the material for use during the lesson and at home.

PreElementaryClass (Pre-K, with caregiver, all language abilities): See schedule under 'Registration'

This 45 minute immersion class is a fun introduction to the German language for
children age 4-6. While caregivers do not attend they may sign up as a parent helper on a rotating basis. We alternate between the programs “Hans Hase” and “Meine Freunde und ich” (a little more advanced). This year we will do “Meine Freunde und ich”.
Both programs focus on oral skills (listening and speaking) and use simple worksheets (e.g. complete missing parts), coloring activities, crafts, songs and dance.

German for native speakers

For children and youth who speak German as a native language at home or have good conversational skills in German.

Grundschule I (1st – 3rd grade): See schedule under 'Registration'

The students learn how to read and write in German, but also work on enriching their vocabulary and their written and spoken conversational skills. Grade appropriate information on the culture of the German speaking countries of Europe is part of the curriculum.

Mittelschule (4th – 8th grade): See schedule under 'Registration'

The course is divided into a 90-minute “Language Club” and a 45-minute “Workshop”. In the Language Club, students deepen their knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar, and review the rules of German spelling. The Workshop offers students the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of themes around German language and culture. There will be a different theme offered each term, such as geography, media, poems, fiction...

German as a foreign language

For children, youth and adults who learn German as a second/ foreign language.

Elementary School I (K – 2nd grade): See schedule under 'Registration'

A playful start into German as a foreign language. With the help of songs, games, activities, and age appropriate materials, the children learn their first German words and phrases. Oral communication plays a big part in class, the kids learn to talk about different topics (who am I, family and friends, school supplies and class, professions). The culture and celebrations of the German speaking countries of Europe is also part of the curriculum.

Elementary School II (3rd – 5th grade): See schedule under 'Registration'

Understanding, speaking, reading, and writing German: All four language skills are taught in this course. With the help of age-appropriate materials and engaging activities, the children are immersed in the language and culture of the German speaking countries of Europe. Language learning is centered on communicative situations (talking about yourself, your family, your school etc). Simple concepts of grammar are introduced as they become necessary for means of communication. Level 1 is recommended for beginning learners and children with little German language skills, Level 2 for the more advanced learner.

Middle School (6th – 8th grade) All Levels - See schedule under 'Registration'

High School (9th – 12th grade) All Levels - See schedule under 'Registration'

High School (9th – 12th grade) Advanced - See schedule under 'Registration'

Like Elementary School II, these classes teach all four language skills: understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Topics, activities and materials are more geared towards the interests of older students and instruction progresses faster than on the Elementary School level. Both courses put a strong emphasis on everyday communication as well as cultural learning. Grammar concepts are introduced on a cognitive level suitable for older students.

The Middle and High School Course are open to beginning learners as well as students with prior knowledge of German.

Adult Education

3 Language Courses + 2 Extracurricular Courses

Beginners - See schedule under 'Registration'

Intermediate - See schedule under 'Registration'

Advanced - See schedule under 'Registration'

Proficient - See schedule under 'Registration'

Instruction in German language and culture that takes into account the interests and needs of adult learners. The course progresses faster than the Elementary and Middle School course.


will be amazed how many things they are able to say and how much they can understand after only one school year (September through May). We work with the book Schritte International 1 by the publisher Hueber and move very slowly through its seven chapters.While you learn how to greet in German, to introduce yourself and your family, to have shopping conversations, order food in a restaurant, talk about your house and your furniture, your job and your hobbies, the weather, times and dates, and even your past, well focus on communication.

There will be homework, which requires 30-45 minutes per week. It won’t be collected and graded, but we’ll talk about it in class.

The Intermediate course

uses the books Schritte International 2 and 3. While the focus is still on communication, we also learn German grammar - cases, modal verbs, prepositions - which helps us to make more complex sentences. We ask for and give directions, talk about health and body parts, professions, clothing, different school systems and many more things.

The Advanced course

works with the books Schritte International 4 and 5. You become familiar with the subjunctive, talk about possible and impossible wishes, learn how to use passive and to bend adjectives, talk about plans and understand advertisements.

The Proficiency course

uses only one book: Schritte International 6. It is our goal to bring each student to the language level B1. (If you are interested in learning more about the language levels, please google CEFR and read the wikipedia info). We donft administer language tests for adults, but if you like, you may take the B1-Test at Goethe Institut, which is not affiliated with Deutsche Schule. In this course, we also talk about differences in the political systems of the United States and Germany.

The Conversation Course, Thursday Evening, - currently not offered, based on demand and faculty.

Please don't hesitate to make suggestions for new courses.

“Ad Co” is for advanced German speakers who like to practice talking about contemporary topics, newspaper articles or anything that is interesting. One ‘lesson’ will last about 60 minutes. It will be offered on a weekday night, to be announced.

The Literature Course - currently not offered, based on demand and faculty

“Ad Lit” - If you are interested in this course please contact us individually. This course would provide an introduction into the German short story and other shorter works of the Romantic era. It serves as a transition from pure language study into the rich literary history of German-speaking cultures. It is intended for advanced students and will emphasize discussion of various works and reading comprehension. This course would be taught by Dr. F. Paul Greene, who received his Ph.D. from NYU's Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures on E.T.A. Hoffmann.