About us

Our mission is to keep alive and revitalize the German language in the Rochester area. Through small group language instruction and shared cultural activities we want to promote language competence and an understanding of the German speaking cultures of modern day Europe.

Deutsche Schule Rochester started as a privately organized parent group in 2009. Deutsche Schule Rochster, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.


Our teachers are either native speakers or N.Y. State certified teachers of the German language. They follow a modern communicative approach to language teaching. They are aware of the changing cognitive needs of the different age groups of students and adapt their curricula and teaching materials accordingly.


The Deutsche Schule Rochester, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501 (c)(3) and New York State Nonprofit Organization. All enrolled students (or their parents/guardians) and teachers are automatically members of the organization and entitled to participate in general meetings and elect 3 Officers / Directors serving on the Board of Directors. Chairman/President, Treassurer and VP of Marketing and PR are elected at the annual General Meeting of the Corporation. Principal and Secretary are appointed by the elected Board of Directors. Parents, students, teachers or otherwise qualified persons assume functions in the administration and organization of the school and contribute to the life of the school community.


Schulleiterin, VP of Operations - Jo Bussler jb@deutscheschulerochester.org

Chairman, President - Matthias West mw@deutscheschulerochester.org

Secretary - Wibke Klapetzky

VP of Administration - Wendy K. Apton wa@deutscheschulerochester.org

Treasurer - Tobias Biedenkopf tb@deutscheschulerochester.org

Anti Discrimination Policy

Deutsche Schule Rochester is committed to providing a learning environment that is free from illegal discrimination based upon an individual's race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or veteran status. Illegal discrimination in any form will not be tolerated by the School.